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07 November 2007


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I have recently developed a love affair for the Iphone as well. Mostly for the needs of accessing the internet without the bulk of a laptop. Ah okay, maybe for all the other geekish qualities as well. After all it is an Apple! My current obligation is with Verizon and my contract ends in 5 months 16 days, but who's counting? There is talk that Verizon will open their network up to other providers but the IPhone is not compatible with the Verizon network, vice versa if Apple opens up to networks outside of ATT. Guess I just have to be PATIENT! But perhaps some other cool device will surface before June.



Let me tell you how Santa and I reasoned our way out of the IPhone and into the IPod Touch..............I personally do not like to put all my eggs in one basket and have all my resources bundled into one device, especially one as fragile looking as the IPhone. I understand the convenience and portability and all that crap, but I had to find a reason to not buy the IPhone. I decided that it would be horrible to drop and break your IPhone, only to be stuck without an IPhone to get on the Internet with to order a new one. Therefore, keep the cell phone simple and have the IPod Touch for all your geeky little fantasies. It really is the best of both worlds.

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