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26 February 2008


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A hollar is a small valley. Usually there is a "crik" (creek) in the hollar.

I cannot believe you had to be strip searched.

They enforce the one carry on the past few times I have flown, but it was not international flight.

As for the zone, it makes no sense. But if they loaded the back of the plane first, which would make sense, their first class and business class customers would have to wait.

Looking forward to more tales on Tennessee.


CyberCelt- I have lots of pictures to come of said "crik". I must have actually been in a hollar and didn't even realize it, ha!!


Hi Annie,

Sorry 'bout the delays and inconveniences in getting to Nashville, but I'm glad we all got stuck in row 38 (or was it 36) together. I can't wait to read "the rest of the story"! Thanks for your kind words, and we will definitely stay in touch. "I'm a gonna email y'all a one o' them thar fotugrafy thangs whut shoz ya whut a crik iz down in that hollar ovr yonder! An sum o' them sprang flars tew. Hain't got nary one uv a varmit tho. Recons howz summers elze 'll hav ta fetch that fer ya!"

Happy Travels


Delta disappointed me too, so I had to comment.

My husband and I splashed out on first class for our honeymoon to the British Virgin Islands. After an overnight flight from the west coast, we went from Atlanta to Puerto Rico, about three hours.

What kind of breakfast did they serve in first class for a three hour international flight? Peanuts and Sun Chips!

When I asked when the meal would be served, the attendant said there would be none and sheepishly offered me more Sun Chips.

Sure glad we sprang for the "luxury" treatment! ;)


Julie-Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. What a great way to start a honeymoon, huh? Wait till you hear what happens on my way home from Tennessee on Delta....


Thanks Annie. I really like your site and will look out for the rest of the story!

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