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20 February 2008


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Well Miss Annie Ego, since I wasn't warned in advance, I truly enjoyed our conversation on the flight to Atlanta. As you may have guessed, I missed the shuttle, and I'm typing this in the waiting area of the South Terminal. Actually, I got there before the shuttle left, but they had just filled the last seat. BUMMER! But, it's not all bad because now I have time to browse your blog. (I already checked out the sculptures on te beach... excellent use for a Plymouth!)

Have a great time in Gatlinburg! Here's a link and kind of a guided tour of the Roaring Fork Motor Nature trail. Enjoy!


You might also want to check out the Park Grill http://www.parkgrillgatlinburg.com/

or the Cherokee Grill
http://www.cherokeegrill.com/ for dinner. (What's with the Grill thing?)

Look forward to reading your blog AFTER the trip!
Take care!

Reward Rebel

Hey, I know how addictive the internet is, so enjoy a break from it while you're able. Where you're going sounds absolutely idyllic.

You hold onto to your dream, too, when I've sitting by the pool at my villa in Crete, perhaps I can guest on your column;-D

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