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19 February 2008


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Colin Campbell

After many years of flying around the world, many of the flights with United, I have to say that the front line people were always very helpful. Inspiring stories like these renew faith in the potential of organisations despite the many hurdles that are put in the way of employees.


Colin-Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Your words say so much!! I totally agree!


After a number of trips back and forth between the west coast and Australia, I had been losing my patience and my respect for United as a company. This story however, makes me realise that there are good people out there, within any company, and often times are overshadowed by the powers to be.

By reading this, a bit of faith has been restored


Stefan-I am so glad I could share a story that shows the best in people. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Richard Callaby

Thanks for sharing such stories. It is sometimes hard when traveling to believe that the airlines are nothing more then a flying money machines just there to seperate you from your money. Stories like these really help when the going gets tough.

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