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16 March 2008


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Hey thar Miss Annie! Now, ain't that some good eatin?!!! Y'all come back, ya hear!


My husband's favorite meal is breakfast, so we are well acquainted with Cracker Barrel! There is one dangerously close to our house...it's a good thing I love to cook, or we'd be there every weekend! The food is great for lunch and dinner too. It's nice to know that wherever we travel around the country, there is usually a Cracker Barrel nearby serving some familiar, good quality and affordable food to fill our traveling bellies!

You haven't lived until you've had their chicken fried steak!


Hi, Annie, it's me, gina again. I wanted to let you know this post inspired me today! I told the world my Cracker Barrel story!

Thanks for the inspiration!


Yum Cracker Barrel! Sean and I have eaten our share...

My favorite things, consistently good food, great service, EVERYWHERE, and cheap. There was room for our MCI bus when we had one too.



Laura-Thanks so much for commenting. Do they have these Cracker Barrels in Alaska? I haven't seen any in California. I thought it was just a "southern" thing.


I've never been to a Cracker Barrell, but last summer on a business trip I finally went to my first Waffle House. It was after midnight in Richmond, VA, and it was awesome.

That Bitchy Chick

Unfortunately for me, there is a Cracker Barrel that is 5 minutes from my house. It's way too easy to call ahead for carry-out orders. The country-fried steak is my all-time favorite however when I try to do the "healthy" thing, they have fantastic salads!

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