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05 March 2008


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Oh boy, you really know how to have a good time in Vegas!

My favorite part of visiting Las Vegas is the van ride back to the airport.


These people don't seem to get it. There is usually one spouse that is most likely to make the decision. Forcing them to bring along the other one does them absolutely no good, it just sets the stage for hostility before the pitch begins. In your case, they got some really good reviews in the process! Sheila will be very proud of you. She hates timeshare sales people!


This is certainly an eyeopener! My husband and I are going to PH in 12 days to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! I'm hoping they will have adjusted some of their tactics by the time we visit (our tour isn't scheduled until the day before we leave and we've already arranged for our own entertainment, so aren't dependent upon this "promotion" for any fun). It's very interesting because my husband specifically asked them if this was for time share and they told us no. I believe he asked them more than once, too.

What a scam this sounds like! I HATE these kinds of "tours". The pressure they put on you to buy into these things is just so ridiculous -- worse than a used car salesman.

I was looking forward to our vacation, but now I'm not so sure :(



There's more of the story to come, wait until you hear how they treated my parents.....
Don't confuse Planet Hollywood with Westgate Resorts. Overall, I think PH is okay, except for their affiliation with Westgate trying to sell the new PH Towers. I can't believe they told you it was not a timeshare. I can't wait to hear about your experience.

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