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30 March 2008


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Ha! That first cabin looks scary. But the actual one is beautiful. I'm sure it was very cozy. I would love to be somewhere like that right now. *sigh*


Hi I enjoyed your story, it really makes one want to travel again. Keep it up it is great.


The cabin looks fantastic! But the 'smoke' makes it look abit eerie though, especially the rear portion. Looks like it opens to to sudden drop behind?

You didn't mention any fireplace. Was there one? Because I didn't see any chimney in the picture...


CK- I am thinking if I went up there alone I could write a really creepy slasher novel, ha ha. There was a fireplace in the living area, but it was gas and on a timer. Kind of weird, but it probably keeps morons from burning the place down. Thanks for stopping by!


The cabin looks fantastic for me.I can also imagining myself there writing memories...hehehe....nice time to chillout away from the pc!we need to recharge and that's exactly a perfect spot, i bet!


Hi Annie! Wow, talk about life getting in the way!... Sorry I haven't been by much lately, but I'm glad you finally made it to the right cabin and had a nice time. Not many things are more beautiful than watching the sun come up over the misty mountains and light up the "oceans" of fog in the valeys, or sitting in the hot tub on the deck at 2am watching shooting stars over the mountains! Yep, been there, done that, didn't need the shirt! Can't wait to go back!

Freelance Guru

The frist cabin looks amazing! Would have loved to be in there, trying to light the fire, freezing slowly to death. Ah memories.

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