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03 March 2008


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So now the story is taking shape! I can relate somewhat to the 34th floor discomfort. But it seems that may be the least offensive part of the experience. I've given up on hotel "services" to provide internet access. I use a 'Sprint Mobile Broadband' card. My personal cell service is with Verizon but my company has a contract with sprint for mobile wireless. I believe the service is around $50/month. A little slower than some hotels, but so far it ALWAYS works with or without any 'service' from the hotel or from Cox Comm. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!


Fred, would that Sprint Mobile Broadband card have worked in the cabin in Tennessee? I had Sprint cell service the entire time. That sounds tempting. A much feared travel critic cannot be caught without Internet service during her many travels!!


I noticed that too, in Vegas they charge for you to use the Internet. Grrr. Some of the airports also impose a fee. I hope that changes soon.


Yep, as long as there's a cell signal, you're good to go! I appreciate all the free wireless sites, but can't depend on them. Haven't checked out an individual plan, but we are using satellite service for remote data collection. The corp rate is about the same for cell or satellite. With satellite there are virtually NO DEAD SPOTS! Always on, everywhere! When I posted my comment from the Atlanta airport, I was using my Sprint card; airport fee would have been $10 just for the 30 minutes I was online.


I feel a post coming on.....HA!


I don't think any of those large hotel/casinos offer free internet service in their rooms. They'll never do it unless people can gamble from their rooms over the internet. You can get free wifi at the Apple Store in Fashion Show Mall, but that's quite a walk from PH. I stayed at the Aladdin once so I'm curious if PH still has the faucets that's shaped like the magic lamps. :P


Those faucets might still be on some of the floors that haven't been remodeled yet, but there was no sign of them in our room!! I liked it better as the Aladdin. The theme seemed less glitzy to me. I was afraid to go to the Apple store because my hubby is trying to talk me into a new computer, ha ha!!

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