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09 May 2008


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My Bug Life

Make me a singapore sling! Nice one!


Congrats on your 100th post! The subject of the Singapore Sling brought back some old memories. I entered college as a naive raw freshman that never, ever considered sneaking the odd alcohol drink whilst I was in H.S. When I got to college, a school in Florida during the mid 70's I turned 18 during freshman week. The upperclassmen took the opportunity to introduce me to "adult beverages" by ordering the sweet mixed drinks that any one could get hooked on. One of which was the Singapore Sling. Funny, I haven't had one since that Freshman year, but I do remember them as being quite good! :-)


This is what I call a "Great Travel Moment" -- sitting in Raffles Hotel drinking a Singapore sling!

For years, I would turn down opportunities to have a Pisco Sour, as I vowed that my first one would only be in Peru. It finally happened and it was wonderful.

Colonnade Boston Hotel

Congrats on your 100th post. Hope to see you in Boston! We would love to host you.

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