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28 October 2008


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That is one scary story! I have driven up Pikes Peak but in the summer! Happy to see that you survived that slippery and snowy week! Whew!


Linda, I think we were so young and dumb we forgot how scared we were supposed to be.
Thanks for stopping by!

Bobby Rica

What you have and did is way way COOL...First,you can afford it. Second, you enjoyed it. And third, you shared it to us...That is really great. I wish i can afford to travel to any countries too only that i'm having problems with my schedules.


We had so much fun that week - I'll never forget it. (Fear is an interesting emotion - lol) The mountain thing was pretty hairy - thank godness those guys came along and saved us! I still remember you bringing up the insurance - and the look on your face when the car wouldn't stop sliding backward.
Thanks for reliving it.
Thanks for being such a wonderful best-friend. :)


You mean the lack of insurance? Typical of me to choose that particular trip to not get the insurance on the rental...or the air!!

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