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23 April 2010


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Jools Stone

I enjoyed this Annie, i hope it hasn't put you off trains for good!

I'm adding you to my links list, if you care to reciprocate, that'd be grand. (I found you on tbex)

Happy travels

barefoot shoes

Theres Actually a strip done by pekar on Albert Alyer, and Joe lovano, real interesting, i don't agree with him on ayler though...........


Jeez, I also tried to take the train from SoCal to Santa Barbara once and never did it again! LA Traffic can be frustrating, but once you pass through the city the drive up to Santa Barbara is only about an hour and twenty minutes. Also, parking is not that outrageous in Santa Barbara. If you know where to look you can make the trip much less expensive than you would expect. Santa Barbara definitely has a reputation as a pricey city. I suggest checking out La Super Rica Taqueria next time you are there (you will need a car). It's Oprah and Julia Child's favorite restaurant and it's common to spot celebrities there! Also, if you're traveling on a budget, try the Sandman Inn (www.thesandmaninn.com). It's a really quaint and affordable hotel with two pools and really nice rooms. I would suggest bringing a car on your next trip, there's so much to see and do in Santa Barbara it is difficult to get around car-less.

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