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08 September 2010


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New Morden world – A Travel Blog

The glass mountain in is really a wonderful place to visit.Great spot.


New Morden World - So you have stayed there recently? Anything you would like to share with our readers about service, activities or just your general experience?
Thanks for stopping by!


I have never stayed at a B&B but I think I may be too self conscious. I like to have anonymity.


We love to stay in Bed and Breakfast when we travel. The hospitality is different from that of a hotel, very family and sincere. And best of all, B&B can be cheaper than staying in hotel and the food is good!


You made Bed and Breakfast sound so great to stay during a family I will try to consider it one time on our family travel. My family just love to try and visit something new and special so I am sure it would be a great idea to try the hospitality of a home style accommodation like the Bed and Breakfast.


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